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Foundation Medicine

Discover how Comprehensive Genomic Profiling with FoundationOne® can inform your unique cancer treatment plan


Metastatic Melanoma - do you know all your options?

If you have metastatic melanoma, it’s important you’re aware of all your options before you and your specialists decide on your treatment.


Breast Cancer in New Zealand

Breast cancer affects one in nine Kiwi women during their life. Eight women, on average, will hear news today that they have breast cancer. Most women diagnosed with breast cancer are aged 50 years or older.


Understanding how medicines are made available to New Zealanders

In New Zealand, medicines are registered for use and funded through two separate and distinct processes. Companies who wish to market their medicine in New Zealand must make an application to Medsafe....


Targeted treatment options bring new hope to cancer patients

There will be a number of different treatment choices available to you depending on your cancer type, the stage of the disease and the hormone receptor and HER2 status of your breast cancer.

New multi-medicine agreement with Pharmac

Cancer patients gain in Roche’s new multi-medicine agreement with Pharmac


What you need to know about bowel cancer

Bowel cancer (also known as colorectal cancer) is one of the world’s most common cancers.It affects the lower part of the digestive system: the large intestine and the rectum.


New private cancer clinic opened in Tauranga

A new private oncology and haematology clinic designed to treat up to 450 patients has officially opened in July.


First Private Cancer Care Centre Opens In Wellington

Cancer patients will be able to be treated privately in Wellington with the opening of the new Bowen Icon Cancer Centre at Acurity's Bowen Hospital by Prime Minister Bill English.


If you have early breast cancer, this is important news for you.


Gaining Access to the Latest Lung Cancer Treatments